Moon, Mars and Chelyabinsk

Manchester Museum: The only place on Earth you can touch Mars, the Moon and an asteroid all at the same time!

mars moon and chely

Our sample of the Moon was not collected by the Apollo astronauts but is a lunar meteorite found in North West Africa. NWA 5000 is a feldspathic breccia  and represents part of the Moon’s earliest crust.

Astronauts have not visited Mars, but thanks to various landing craft we know a lot about its composition. Our Martian sample is part of a meteorite found in North West Africa and has been given the official name NWA 6963.  It is a shergottite, a type of basalt similar to lava flows found on Earth.

When the Chelyabinsk asteroid exploded over Russia in 2013 much of it fragmented into pea-sized pieces of debris. Our touchable Chelyabinsk pea is a typical example.