Campo del Cielo iron meteorite


Uncut specimen of Campo del Cielo iron meteorite.

The 12 kg iron meteorite on display is an individual fusion-crusted fragment of the Campo del Cielo fall. At least 26 craters have been discovered in a 3×20 km area located 1000 km northwest of Buenos Aires. The craters were first located in 1576 and to date a total of over 100 tonnes of iron meteorite fragments have been recovered from this strewn field. The Campo del Cielo meteorite is estimated to have fallen between 4,000 and 5,000 years ago. Prior to disintegration in the atmosphere it is estimated to have been larger than 4 meters in diameter. Campo del Cielo is a member of the IAB iron meteorite group. It has a very coarse grained structure and is composed of 92.9% Fe, 6.7% Ni and 0.4% Co.

campo cut

Cut and etched slice of Campo del Cielo meteorite.