FAQs – in no particular order!

    1. How can you tell a meteorite from a normal rock?
    2. Where are the best places to find meteorites?
    3. How old are meteorites and how do we know?
    4. What is a meteorite?
    5. Where do meteorites come from?
    6. What are meteorites made of?
    7. How often do meteorites land on Earth?
    8. How big are they?
    9. How much could you expect to pay for a meteorite?
    10. What’s the risk that planet Earth will be wiped out by a meteorite?
    11. Did the dinosaurs really get wiped out by a meteorite?
    12. What’s the difference between an asteroid and a meteorite?
    13. What’s the difference between a shooting star and a meteorite?
    14. What is the difference between a meteor and a meteorite?
    15. What can we learn from meteorites?
    16. Have traces of life ever been found in a meteorite?
    17. What percentage of meteorites that land on Earth are recovered?
    18. Where are the best places to find meteorites?
    19. Do meteorites fall on the Moon and other planets?
    20. Do meteorites hit satellites?
    21. Why should the general public be interested in meteorites?
    22. Why is it important to study meteorites?
    23. What motivates scientists to study meteorites?
    24. Why are meteorites exciting?
    25. What sort of analysis can you do on meteorites?
    26. Why did the media get so excited by the Russian meteor strike?
    27. How could you tell a meteorite from a normal rock?
    28. How many people are killed by meteorites each year?
    29. Where can you go meteorite hunting?
    30. Can meteorites be used for anything useful?