Hello and Welcome to Catch a Shooting Star

Catch a Shooting Star is a joint project between the Open University and Manchester Museum to install a “touchable” and “interactive” display of extraterrestrial rocks. The project is funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC). Other groups involved in the project include the University of Manchester and the British and Irish Meteorite Society (BIMS). At the moment the website is just a blog with posts about how the project is progressing. However, in the coming months it will transform into an interactive site with lots of cool information, videos and fun stuff about Space Rocks. So do keep coming back to take a look and we would welcome your comments about the project.

Some of the people involved with the project………..

Richard Greenwood


Richard is a Research Fellow in the Open University’s Planetary and Space Science unit.

Richard’s outreach blog: Meteorites: The Blog from the Final Frontier.

Diane Johnson


Diane is a Post Doctoral Research Associate funded by AHRC and a Project Officer funded by STFC at the Open University in Milton Keynes. Diane is also the principle researcher on the iron from the sky project .

David Gelsthorpe

David is the curator of Earth Science Collections at The Manchester Museum

David G.

David’s Blog: Palaeomanchester

Katie Joy


Katie is a Royal Society University Fellow and Senior Lecturer at the University of Manchester

Sarah Crowther

sarah crowther

Sarah is a Research Fellow at the University of Manchester

Earth and Solar System Blog

Earth and Solar System on Facebook

Monica Grady


Monica is Professor of Planetary and Space Sciences based at the Open University, Milton Keynes.

Simon Green

Simon Green

Simon is the Head of Planetary and Space Sciences in the Department of Physical Sciences, The Open University

Andy Tindle


Andy is the driving force behind the Virtual Microscope project

Graham Ensor


Graham is a meteorite collector and member of the British and Irish Meteorite Society (BIMS)

BIMS website

Martin Goff

Martin Goff

Martin is the Secretary of the  British and Irish Meteorite Society (BIMS)

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