British Meteorites

Mr Pettifor

Did you know that the United Kingdom has eighteen officially recognized meteorite falls and four official meteorite finds, making a total of twenty-two “British meteorites”. If you add to this list the six official falls in Eire that makes twenty-eight meteorites in total from the British Isles, which is not bad. One of the  last official falls in the United Kingdom was the Glatton Meteorite recovered by Mr Arthur Pettifor (seen here holding the sample). In early May 1991, Mr Pettifor was tending his garden when he heard a whistling noise and then a disturbance in his conifer hedge followed by a thud. On investigation he found a single black stone in a shallow depression in the soil under  the hedge. He said he felt lucky not to have been hit by it but was more alarmed that it narrowly missed his greenhouse!

We have lots of information on this site about British meteorites. Just follow this link to our interactive map.

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